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Colorado Springs
City of Colorado Springs (SpringsGov)   -   SpringsGov is the City of Colorado Springs eGovernment web site.
Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph   -   This online version of the Pikes Peak Region newspaper is a subset of the full printed paper. Online access to the entire newspaper is available for a fee.
Colorado Springs Independent   -   The Independent is an alternative newspaper, distributed in the Colorado Springs area.
Colorado Springs Utilities   -   A community-owned utility, Colorado Springs Utilities provides natural gas, electric, water and wastewater services to more than half a million customers in the Colorado Springs area.
Pike's Peak Cam   -   See actual real-time images of Pikes Peak, updated every minute or so. Softronics keeps a camera pointed at Pikes Peak from their location in Colorado Springs.
Welcome to Colorado Springs   -   At an altitude of 6,035 feet, Colorado Springs, Colorado, is actually higher than Denver.  Colorado Springs is situated at the base of Pikes Peak, and is the Gateway to the Rockies and the Front Range.

Computers, Software, Technical   - is the most complete collection of information assembled for and by actual users of Microsoft Windows.
Look up Domain Names with Whois   -   You may look up domain name information from the InterNIC site.
Download Shareware and Freeware   -   This site, run by c|net, has downloadable software grouped into categories such as Games, Internet, Utilities, and more.
The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software   -   This is the TUCOWS site, where you can find just about any program related to the Internet.  Categories include Browser Accessories, Connectivity, E-mail Tools, Multimedia Tools, Online Services, and much more!

Colorado Springs School District 11   -   This is the home of the largest school district in Colorado Springs.  From here, visit the schools in the district or learn about hot issues.
Missouri State University   -   This university is located in Springfield, MO, near the western edge of the Ozarks.
Museum of Paleontology   -   A virual tour of The Museum of Paleontology, located on the campus of the University of California at Berkeley, is the next best thing to being there.
Parkway School District - St. Louis County   -   Parkway School District encompasses a large area of western St. Louis County.

Environment and Science
Alliance for the Wild Rockies   -   Alliance for the Wild Rockies' non-profit mission is to secure the ecological integrity of the Wild Rockies Bioregion through citizen empowerment, and the application of conservation biology, sustainable economic models and environmental law.
National Park Service   -   Visit your National Parks from here.  Find all kinds of useful information, including telephone numbers, fees, and reservation information.
National Wildlife Federation   -   These are the guys that publish Ranger Rick, National Wildlife, International Wildlife, and Your Big Backyard.
Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center   -   This Internet site emphasizes topics and data pertinent to the North American Great Plains.
Sierra Club   -   The Sierra Club is probably the environmental organization most know to the general public.  Current and back-issues of Sierra Magazine are accessible from their site.
U.S. Department of the Interior   -   This department oversees the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Geological Survey, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, and Bureau of Reclamation, among others.

Health, Nutrition, Well-being
Depression Resources   -  Many resources are found here that contribute to the understanding and treatment of many forms of depression.
Dinner Co-op Home Page   -  If you are looking for recipes, healthy or not, and are into food, then this is the place for you.  Recipes are organized into categories, making them easier to find.
Healthtouch Online   -  Drug information and other health-related information may be found here, in a searchable format.
Low Sodium Cooking   -  Most Americans not watching their sodium intake consume 7000-8000 mg daily, while the recommendation is 2400 mg daily.   -  Empowering smokers to quit successfully / Motivating youth to stay tobacco-free.
Mayo Clinic   -  Access to the experience and knowledge of the more than 2,000 physicians and scientists of the Mayo Clinic.
Medscape   -  This online resource contains searchable full-text medical articles covering many specialties.
MegaHeart   -  This no-salt, low-sodium recipe website is home of the 21st Century's only true no-salt, low-sodium recipe book.
Méniè   -  Intended to be a home for sufferers of Meniere's disease, this site contains links to information, Meniere's patients pages, and a chat room and discussion board.
The Ménière's Page   -  Washington University School of Medicine page contains links to information on Meniere's.
Veggies Unite!   -  You don't have to be a vegetarian to visit this site.  Here you will find many vegetarian recipes, along with some good articles on nutrition.

Holden, Lake Chelan, and Vicinity
Official Holden Village Web Site   -   Holden Village (formerly Holden) is now a year-round retreat center run by the Lutheran church.
Holden - Discovery through Mine Closure   -   Learn about the history of Holden, from the discovery until the mine closure.
Lady of the Lake   -   Boat schedules and fares are published on the Lady of the Lake web site.  Lady of the Lake has provided year-round transportation to the headwaters of Lake Chelan for over 100 years.
Lake Chelan Valley's Community Web   -   The community web has information on communities and activities in the Lake Chelan Valley.
Stehekin Valley Web Site   -   The Stehekin Valley is located at the head of Lake Chelan.  Information on activities and accommodations can be found at this site.

AJR/NewsLink   -  The American Journalism Review is a top-notch site, and has links to newspapers all over the United States and the world.  Magazine and Radio/TV sites are also included.
CNN Interactive   -  Not only will you find news from the Cable News Network, but you will find links to CNNSI and CNNfn, for both sports and financial information.
Las Vegas Review-Journal   -   Read the Las Vegas Review-Journal or any of the neighborhood newspapers which bring you news of the Las Vegas valley.
Pathfinder   -   Your guide to the websites of Time, Inc.
St. Louis Today   -   STL has St. Louis covered, including the St. Louis Post Dispatch, which was founded December 12, 1878, by Joseph Pulitzer.
USA Today   -   The online version of this national newspaper is done right, with a nice layout and rich content.
Yahoo! News and Events   -   For current or archived headlines and story summaries, visit this site run by Yahoo!  Choose Top Stories, Business, Technology, World, Sports, Entertainment, Weather, or any of several other categories.
  Colorado Springs News
Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph   -   This online version of the Pikes Peak Region newspaper is a subset of the full printed paper. Online access to the entire newspaper is available for a fee.
Colorado Springs Independent   -   The Independent is an alternative newspaper, distributed in the Colorado Springs area.
NewsFirst 5/30   -   KOAA-TV, Colorado Springs, CO, in the NBS affiliate in Colorado Springs.
11 News   -   KKTV-TV, Colorado Springs, CO, in the CBS affiliate in Colorado Springs.
News 13   -   KRDO-TV, Colorado Springs, CO, in the ABC affiliate in Colorado Springs.
FOX 21   -   KXRM-TV, Colorado Springs, CO, in the Fox affiliate in Colorado Springs.
  Denver News
Denver Post   - uses content from the printed Denver Post and a wide variety of other sources, but it is not an electronic reproduction of the full printed paper.
Rocky Mountain News   -   Continuous publication of the Rocky Mountain News spans three centuries.
WB2 News   -   KWGN-TV, Denver, CO, is Denver's Warner Brothers affiliate.
News 4   -   KCNC-TV, Denver, CO, is Denver's CBS affiliate.
7 News   -   KMGH-TV, Denver, CO, is Denver's ABC affiliate.
9 News   -   K*USA-TV, Denver, CO, is Denver's NBC affiliate.
Fox 31   -   KDVR-TV, Denver, CO, is Denver's Fox affiliate.

The White House   -   The official White House site contains a lot of information and history concerning the Presidency of the United States.
The Democratic National Committee   -   The "Official" site of the Democratic National Committee.
Feminist Majority Foundation   -   A site dedicated to "the policy, practice or advocacy of political, economic, and social equality for women."
The Libertarian Party   -   The "Official" site of the Libertarian Party.
The Republican National Committee   -   The "Official" site of the Republican National Committee.
Project Vote Smart   -   Project Vote Smart tracks the performance of over 13,000 political leaders, including the President, Congress, Governors, and State Legislatures.
Town Hall   -   Town Hall brings Internet users and public policy organizations together under the broad umbrella of "conservative" thoughts, ideas and actions.

Reference Books
Encarta Homepage   -   Microsoft® Encarta® contains an abridged online version of Encarta Encyclopedia. It contains numerous articles, photos, illustrations, maps, charts, and tables, plus thousands of Web links. from Electric Library   -   More than 17,000 articles from The Concise Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, Third Edition, have been assembled to provide free, quick and useful information on almost any topic.
Guide to Grammar and Writing   -   An excellent reference for all types of English grammar rules and guidelines.
ROGET'S Thesaurus   -   This searchable thesaurus now has a link to the Wordsmyth English Dictionary-Thesaurus, which integrates both reference sources.
Webster's Dictionary and Thesaurus   -   This dictionary can search for exact word matches, but if you aren't sure how to spell a word, use the approximate match option.

Reference - General
Electronic Zoo   -   Explore categorized and organized veterinary and animal-related information on the Internet in an easy-to-use format.
Library of Congress   -   If you can't visit the The Library of Congress in person, then check out these documents, photographs, movies, and sound recordings that tell America's story.
MapQuest! Interactive Atlas   -   You can build maps of your region on-the-fly with this interactive experience.
My Virtual Reference Desk   -   My Virtual Reference Desk serves as a comprehensive and intuitively structured home base for your journeys on the Internet.
Official Time Source   -   This United States Naval Observatory site is useful for setting the correct time on your clocks, especially when the time changes each spring and fall.
Statistical Agencies - Federal   -   Check out all kinds of statistical and demographic information put out by federal and state agencies.
Yahoo! People Search   -   Look up old friends and family using the resources of Yahoo! People Search.
The World Factbook   -   The World Factbook is published by the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), and contains a wealth of information on every country in the world. This is an excellent source for those school research projects.

Search Engines
AltaVista   -   You'll find the power, scope, and speed of the AltaVista search service unparalleled on the Web.  Digital Equipment Corporation developed the AltaVista search service in 1995 in its Palo Alto research labs.
Google Newsgroup Search   -   Visit Google Groups, where you can read, search, participate in and subscribe to more than 50,000 discussion forums, including Usenet newsgroups.  You can find discussion forums on any topic imaginable, and search messages dating back more than two years.
Excite   -   Excite’s patented ICE (Intelligent Concept Extraction) search technology gives you access to more than 50 million Web pages, 140,000 pre-selected Web site listings, and thousands of Usenet postings.
HotBot   -   HotBot has been named "best search site on the Web" in individual reviews by the top-three, consumer-oriented computer publications in the United States - "PC Magazine," "PC Computing," and "PC World" - for its sophisticated search features and easy-to-use interface.   -   The Walt Disney Internet Group (WDIG) owns, encompassing several well-known entities, including Disney, ABC, ABC News, and ESPN.   -   The Business Search Engine is an Internet search site designed specifically for business users.
LookSmart   -   LookSmart Search will first find sites selected and reviewed by LookSmart editors, then it will hunt in AltaVista's index of web sites.  LookSmart Explore walks you through categories to help quickly pinpoint web destinations tailored to your interests.
Lycos   -   Check out the Lycos TOP 5%, which is a selective directory of top-shelf sites rated by Lycos reviewers.  You can also search for Web pages within categories such as: Pictures, Personal Homepages, Sounds, Reuters News, Cities, Dictionary, Books, Downloads, Recipes, Web Site Reviews, and Message Boards.
WebCrawler   -   One of the most popular search and directory services on the Internet, WebCrawler was the first full-text search service available on the Web, introduced in April 1994.
Yahoo!   -   The Yahoo! Home Page is the gateway to the main Yahoo! directory.  There you'll find hundreds of thousands of web sites, categorized into 14 top-level categories, from Arts and Humanities to Society and Culture.
Yahoo! Kids   -   Yahoo! Kids is a searchable and browseable index of fun, funky, and interesting websites for kids.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration   -   A wealth of information on weather, climate, oceans, and more.
National Weather Service - Southern Region   -   Check out weather anywhere in the country from the United States map, organized by regions.
The Weather Channel   -   This site is maintained by those same people that created The Weather Channel on cable TV.
WeatherSites by WeatherNet   -   If you just can't get enough weather information, then this is the place for you.  You'll find links to more weather-related sites than you ever dreamed existed.
Weather Underground   -   Very detailed weather conditions and forecasts are found at The Weather Underground.
Yahoo Weather Forecast   -   Watch for the weather movies, which look just like the animated cloud-cover graphics you see on your nightly TV weather forecast.  You will also find that weather maps of all sorts are available, too.